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Who can Register in CrewZone?

Anybody, whatever your sailing ability & experience.

I am a prospective Crew, do I need to be a Member of the National Yacht Club to use CrewZone?


I am a prospective Crew, how would people contact me?

You are automatically accepted as a member, no questions asked...

However, MAKE SURE TO EDIT YOUR PROFILE (Link to your profile section from the homepage - see picture on the left) and complete the questionnaire fully.

This "Sailing mini C.V." will be useful for skippers to contact you if they see that you are available for a particular race or series.

I am a N.Y.C. Skipper, why do I need to Register with CrewZone?

You need to register to have access (and vice versa) to the Crew profiles and contact details. Also, most pages in CrewZone are only accessible by its members.

How much does it cost?

CrewZone is entirely free for both Skippers and Crew

How do I see who is available?

You need to first register and sign in. Go to Crew Available / View

How do I see who is looking for crew?

You need to first register and sign in. Go to Crew Wanted / View

How do I create an entry in the Crew Available section?

You need to first register and sign in. Go to Crew Available / Post

How do I create an entry in the Crew Wanted section?

You need to first register and sign in. You will need a Login and a Password to access the Crew Wanted / Post area. If you are a N.Y.C. Skipper, please email [email protected] to request login information.

I created a Post but I can't see it in the corresponding list...

The system auto-updates. This may take a few minutes. Your Post should appear then.

Why do I need to use my CrewZone Firstname and Name when I create a Post?

Otherwise people who want to contact you will not be able to link your Post to your profile and contact details in the Members area.

How do I contact a Crew / Skipper?

Go to the Members area. Select "Grid View" from the two small icons under the "Invite" button. Locate the CrewZone member you want to contact and open his/her profile.

This is great...How do I invite my friends to join CrewZone?

Use the "share" through Facebook, Twitter G+ etc icons...If are not on any social network, go to the Members zone and Click on "Invite".