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Kiss pontoons goodbye 

Are you a crew or a N.Y.C. skipper looking for crew?

Register above & create your profile to view upcoming crewing opportunities or post your requirements

CrewZone newest members...

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(post CrewZone "meet the Skippers reception" - March 25th)

"Thanks, great event. I am on a promise of a flying 15 for Thursdays and Saturdays, a J109 for Tuesdays later in the year, but best of all, a trans-Atlantic on a Swan 60 in May! All thanks to your work on CrewZone. Once again, thank you..." Rob.

Welcome to the National Yacht Club CrewZone

Crew Zone is a free to join online community of NYC skippers & crew bosses willing to get in touch with people available to crew who currently have no regular berth on a racing boat.

Once you have registered and created your profile, within CrewZone you will be able to:

- Post your availability for either DBSC or ISORA

- View available crewing opportunities for both series

Upcoming Races